Hi. I am Ty (aka TyPie). I am 7 years old, and a homeschooling second grader.

This is my website that Mommy made for me to share my pictures, favorite places and things, my homeschool adventures and things that I would like to have.

I have a little brother, Niko, who is sometimes my buddy, and sometimes he's not. But, I take care of him cause' he's mine, and I can't make him go live somewhere else. You can go see him on his website, but it's all about me here.

I have been in Florida with my Daddy the whole summer, and will be going back home at the end of July to start a new homeschool year. See you soon!

I am Ty - SMOOCH

Things you can do here:

Please try to help the Center for Exploited and Missing Children by viewing some of Florida's missing children. A picture is worth a thousand words, so do your part and see if you recognize any of this daily growing listing.


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