There are lots of pages on my site where you can see my pictures, favorite things and all I have done in my life... but this one will sum it all up for you quick like. That does NOT mean that I don't still want you to go see my pretty pictures, so read this for a quick "who am I", then go look around at the rest of my stuff.

I was born at Maternity Center in Opa Locka, FL on November 17th, 2000 at 4:30 pm. My mommy was in labor for 9 hours with me, not as easy of a delievery as my little brother. I guess you could say that my first few days were a bit complicated. I did not get to go home right away. When I was born, I had something called "abdominal distention" which made my belly all puffy. I had to be rushed to the NICU at Jackson Medical Center in Miami, FL where I stayed on IV's for five days. My mommy and daddy stayed with me the whole time. My nurse was really great and even made a special bow for me to wear, and I still have it. I had to have milk that my mommy pumped, I was finally allowed to breastfeed when I was four days old.

Here is my picture, taken when I was five days old. I wore a pretty pink one piece outfit with a jacket and hat to match. I went home on Thanksgiving day 2000. When I came home Grandma, Uncle Ryan, Aunt Shannon, Aunt Danielle, Fred, Pedro and Rosa all came over to see me.





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