My mommy keeps a list here of all the stuff I have done (and will do) for you to see - I am getting so big, and I can do so much! Make sure to check back pretty often to see what new accomplishments I have made....

My Statistics

I Was Due: November 27, 2000
I Was Born: November 17, 200
My Birthweight: 8 pounds 4 ounces
My Length: 21 inches

Unforgettable Firsts

First Smile January 12, 2001
First Laugh January 25, 2001
First Word Mama - February 6, 2001
Rolled Over April 25, 2001
Held a Bottle April 29, 2001
Sat By Myself May 23, 2001
Crawled May 31, 2001
First Real Food Vito's Pizza - June 21, 2001
Stood Alone June 28, 2001
Used sippy cup September 10, 2001
Took first Step September 20, 2001
Walked Alone October 28, 2001
Scribbles April 13, 2002
Says First Numbers 1 - 2 - 3, May 14th, 2002
Says her name when asked.. Says TY -- October 9, 2002
Says how old she is when asked.. Says TWO - October 20, 2002
Uses the Potty October 27, 2002
Counts to 20 February 15, 2003
Can dress herself October 20, 2003
Says A-B-C's October 2003
Counts in Spanish December 2003 - uno thru diaz
Can write her name February 2004
Swims without floats March 10, 2004

My Teeth

1st May 27, 2001
(C Incisor BL)
2nd May 27, 2001
(C Incisor BR)
3rd May 27, 2001
(C Incisor TR)
4th August 8, 2001
(C Incisor TL)
5th August 12, 2001
(Lateral TL)
6th August 15, 2001
(Lateral TR)
7th October 20, 2001
(Lateral BR)
8th October 21, 2001
(Lateral BL)
9th December 4, 2001 10th December 4, 2001
11th December 9, 2001 12th December 9, 2001
13th March 14, 2002 14th March 14, 2002
15th April 8, 2002 16th April 8, 2002

Trips and Visits

1st trip Atlanta - December, 2000
2nd trip Bahamas - March, 2001
Out of town Visitors May 15, 2001 (Quintana's)
3rd trip Atlanta - May 24, 2001
4th trip Orlando - July 2001
5th trip - 1st time on airplane December 2, 2001 - Atlanta, GA
6th trip March 12-26, 2002 - Atlanta, GA
7th trip Atlanta - May 2003
Out of town Visitors July 2002 (Aunt Lani)
Out of town Visitors October 2002 (Grampa Lewis)
8th trip Atlanta - August 2003
9th trip Atlanta - October 2003
10th trip Atlanta - December 2003
11th trip Atlanta - December 2005
13th trip Cherokee, NC - September 2006
14th trip Hilton Head, SC - March 2007
15th trip Port St. Lucie, FL - June 2007 - Aug 2007
16th trip Cherokee, NC - September 2007
17th trip Port St. Lucie, FL - June 2008 - July 2008

Words and Phrases

First Phrase December 1, 2001 - I Have that?
What she says well - February 2002 Mommy, Daddy, that?, Yes
What she says well - March 2002 Nani, Emily, Alex, I see, me
What she says well - April 2002 That me, what that, Dre
What she says well - May 2002 Ziggy, Cat, Tio, Nana, Banana, No
June 2002 Knee, Uh Oh, My Daddy, Come with me
What she says well - July 2002 Down Me, Foot, Puppy
What does it mean? SEPT 02 ma-no-ma-nee = A Smiley Face or M&M's
doop-a-dee = come with me
What she says well - October 2002 Help, Oh No, Stuck, Ty, Eye, Bug, Yuck, Paci, Poo-Poo, Pool, Milk
What does it mean? OCT 02
goko = Niko
melmo = Elmo
mon mom = Come on Mom
pone = Phone
December 2002 plane, block, ball, over, sleepy, hug, blanket, paint, eat, bread, chair, castle, cook, water, tea, cheese, home, work, park, bone, bath, santa, bowl, fork, spoon, sink, computer, walk, out, off, ouch, hurt, boo-boo, stuck, stick, book, bottle, balloon, blimp, moon, tv, movie, take, away, brush, towel, bubbles, panties, apple, bug, tree, Wiggles, Maddie, Sherri, Mai B, Heidi, Brittany, Mike, Randall, Abominoble, Boo, Waternoose, Roz
May 2003 "Me no like it", "Me no want to"
June 2003 "Me go Boomers?", "Where my daddy go?"
August 2003 "My Daddy comin' home now?"
September 2003 "Me no do it", "Phone Ringing! Me get it. That my daddy?... hello? This Ty"
October 2003 "Me not doing nothing Mom"
November 2003 "Niko no have that, that Ty's", "Me can do by myself", " "Fine, me no do it, me go my room!"
December 2003 "What you do that for?", "Were you taking me", "Me not scooter-butt, me Ty", "It was an accident, Me sorry."
March 2004 "Niko did it", "Why you say that word?"
September 2004 "Wait a minute.. we have a big problem here", "Hmm, let me think about it for a while", "Who's gonna be my prince?"
June 2008 "I know Mom!", "Hmph", "I am not having an attitude", "You're breaking my heart", "Niiiikkkkooooooo!", "Mom, Niko won't get out of my room!"

I know my Body Parts

February 2002 teeth, hands
March 2002 hair, eyes, nose
April 2002 face, ears, mouth, belly, chin, cheek, feet
May 2002 tounge, lips, neck, arm, knee
June 2002 elbow, eyebrows, neck, bottom
July 2002 forehead, shoulders, fingernails
September 2002 back
November 2002 fingers, toes

More Stuff to Know

1st Home North Lauderdale, FL
First Pageant February 26, 2001
First Swim in Ocean Bahamas - March 2001
First Swim in Pool April 9, 2001
Second Pageant July 11, 2001
Trip to the Park August 8, 2001
2nd Home Pompano Beach, FL
First Trip to the Zoo October 14, 2001
1st Halloween Costume I was a Ladybug
Responds with Yes & No November 29, 2001
First time in the snow January 3, 2002
Knows what animal says what April 27. 2002
Makes faces when asked (happy = smile) May 2nd, 2002
First Disney Ice Show Jungle Adventures - May 11th, 2002
Swims without Moms help August 10th, 2002 (using the Level3 Aqua Swim Vest)
2nd Halloween Costume Fairy Princess
Plays Dress Up January 5, 2003
First Easter Egg Hunt April 19, 2003
3rd Home Sunrise, FL
3rd Halloween Costume Princess
Rides Tricycle Alone November 7, 2003
Rides Bike June 14, 2004
4th Home Margate, FL
4th Halloween Costume Cinderella
Reads three letter words January 2006
Knows all continents on a globe May 2006
5th Home Fort Oglethorpe, GA
Flower Girl in wedding June 2006 - Jantzen/Contessa
Flower Girl in wedding December 2006 - Aja/Steven
Dental Surgery :( (pulled three teeth) June 2007
Started 1st Grade August 6th 2007
5th Halloween Costume Geisha
6th Halloween Costume TN VOLS Cheerleader
Reads in complete sentences. February 2008

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